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Empower your institutional processes with technology.

Businessline Work Place is a digital work environment solution that works in a way that enables technology to be used more effectively in business life, communication, innovation, mobility and cloud computing. Businessline Workplace is positioned as a key part of enterprise digital transformation strategies by empowering institutional processes with technology while delivering solutions that drive cultural and digital transformation in corporations.

From everywhere, from one point.

The Businessline Workplace is a platform for digital business alliances that you can access from a single point and anywhere from news sources, task management and events, to messaging and file sharing.

Mobile Working Style

Mobile Working Style

Businesline ™ Workplace is a flexible and agile work environment provided by the mobile product family that reduces costs and speeds up digital conversion goals. Institutions that embrace the future work environment with the working style that centers the mobile will always be more agile than their opponents and respond to the market dynamics. While the KoçSistem BusinessLine ™ Workplace provides the opportunity to work with different devices with its mobile working style, it supports to build a better work-life balance and build business associates and communities within the group and the organization.

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