Dealer Management-Nimbus

Your dealer is closer than before with Nimbus!

Thanks to the developing information technologies, becoming dominant becomes more important and meaningful every day. Nimbus allows you to manage all your operations through a single screen thanks to the cloud infrastructure; With the power of the integration layer, it maximizes the data control in your store and ensures that you maximize the satisfaction and productivity of all parties.

Modular structure, cost advantages

With its modular structure, Nimbus is shaped by business needs and is offered to you with cost advantages. Nimbus comes with Customer Management, Accounting, Information Management, Reporting and Integration modules besides main dealer activities such as Sales, Service, and Spare

Basic Features of Nimbus Solution

  • Cost advantage with cloud based management and access from anywhere.
  • Increased speed and efficiency with mobile support in all processes and screens.
  • Business continuity guarantee through strong KoçSistem infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-quality application support service.
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