Field Team Management- Businessline WorkForce

KoçSistem Mobile Framework Technology

Businessline Workforce Management; Developed by KoçSistem Mobile Framework Technology, the
platform is a cloud platform that enables the transformation of the field force to a more efficient and
effective management with the help of mobile technology.

Customer Focused Vision

Businessline Workforce Management, together with the use of mobile technologies, creates a vision
that enables CRM processes to be fed directly to the field information, thus reshaping the customer
relationship management center to centralize customer satisfaction and minimize customer losses.
The main goal is to provide a set of functions that guide the user and facilitate follow- to create more
effective mobile teams and to maximize the efficiency of all sales processes and the performance of
sales teams in conjunction with increased synergy.

Smart Tasks and Route Management

Smart Tasks and Route Management

With Businessline Workforce Management, Smart Tasks and Route Management create automated tasks to suit your business needs and create the appropriate route, with dynamic forms and forms tailored to your business needs, quickly added to your tasks, and you can use communities, announcements and messaging tools to manage your field activities more effectively.

With Businessline Workforce Management

  • Effective use of field workforce
  • Visible reduction in operating costs
  • Mobile database fast access
  • Collaboration between mobile teams
  • Ability to respond quickly to urgent customer expectations
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