Business Process Management 

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a holistic approach to modeling the way businesses do business. BPM (Business Process Management) refers to process management in short: a management system that identifies, develops, and tracks existing business processes. BPM aims at modeling the processes of the enterprises, managing the processes over the system, monitoring the process performance and determining the BPM performance criteria makes it possible to perform the performance monitoring process easily

BPM Systems

BPM systems; fast, flexible and easy modeling of processes. It is intended to provide a structure that allows processes to be controlled, the business to standardize its business practices, and to identify the flawed aspects of the processes. BPM has an infrastructure consisting of ready-made components. These infrastructures and components are shaped and applied according to the processes of the companies.

Expectation of Companies

Expectation of Companies

  • Controlling processes
  • Facilitate process improvement
  • Performance follow up
  • Providing efficiency and competence following and standardizing work done in the enterprise
KoçSistem Approaches

KoçSistem Approaches

KoçSistem consultants have developed a vast pool of knowledge and process consulting and process management practices in the private and public sectors. KoçSistem management consultants have undertaken many different projects including analyzing the As-Is and To-Be processes of companies and solving complex problems in order to improve and automate processes.

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