Customer Relationship Management

Analyze customer expectations accurately

Customer Relationship Management includes practices that help to gather the data needed to better
understand customers' expectations and to develop new operational strategies in the light of acquired
information. The first step in Customer Relationship Management is to collect the necessary data. In other words, customer profile, habits, expectations, location and region information, such as each customer to have the ability to analyze one by one. After the data are collected, analysis of these data obtained is the basis for making new study plans.

Know your customer from every side

In the first years of customer management applications, firms need more details while they are satisfied with their customer's name, address, phone etc. At first, the customer's demographic information starts with the journey and with the effect of marketing and sales activities over time, the customer has to be recognized from every side. information about customers' shopping habits, complaints and suggestions, offers made to customers, orders of customers etc. are also entered in the field of customer management intervention Customer management applications are fed from many channels so that the data coming from different channels can be deduced and analyzed in a single structure is also of great importance.

Customer Management Applications

Customer Management Applications

All of the marketing activities that should be done in case the customer does not move for a long time since the renewal period of the customer's services, customer’s orders, service received, service satisfaction are all covered by today's Customer Management Applications. 

KoçSistem CRM Approach

KoçSistem CRM Approach

KoçSistem has been developing CRM applications for many years using different sectors and infrastructures. With experienced CRM staff, it has developed and implemented Dealer-Service Management application, Call Center Application, sales and after-sales applications. KoçSistem's Reseller Management product is also part of KoçSistem's product family with its advanced CRM infrastructure.

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