Enterprise Resource Planning 

End-to-end efficient resource utilization

Enterprise resource planning is an end-to-end system that enables the efficient use of resources such as people, materials, and machinery required for the production of goods and services in enterprises Enterprise resource planning systems enable enterprises to manage all their processes and data in an
integrated manner. Although institutional resource planning is defined as planning, it is to extract conclusions from the data of the target business.

Different enterprise solutions and applications

Under corporate resource management; There are various applications such as Production Management, Finance Management, Material Inventory Management, Sales Management, Customer Relations Management, Human Resources Management, Budget Management, Foreign Trade Management, Quality Management, Maintenance Management, After Sales Services, Business Intelligence.

KoçSistem experience, custom solutions

KoçSistem experience, custom solutions

KoçSistem; In addition to the implementation and support of world-wide ERP products such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle, it also has a high level of expertise in Enterprise Resource Management with its custom-developed solutions.



In the sectors such as Finance, Automotive, Durable Consumption, ERP applications developed by KoçSistem resources have also been successfully implemented.

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