Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Emergency Case Center

Emergency Case Center service is provided through Ankara and Istanbul Data Centers. Depending on the data center you are using, your disaster recovery structure in a data center located in another city will continue to operate in the event of a catastrophe.

Analysis, Scenario and Building Construction

Analysis, Scenario and Building Construction

Analysis: The customers' systems and needs are analyzed.

Scenario Identification: Various disaster recovery scenarios and solutions are proposed according to the expectations.

Building Construction: The necessary structures are established and operated in accordance with the specified scenario.

Privileged Services

Privileged Services

Uninterrupted: With our business continuity solutions, you can continue to work without interruption in your systems.

Zero Data Loss: Our solutions, such as backup or replication, guarantee your data loss.

Specially Designed Buildings: You set your RPO and RTO values, standards and acceptable limits, disaster recovery is designed accordingly. 

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