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HRedition is a human resources process platform that digitalises human resources processes regardless of sector and size, making these processes more transparent, predictable and manageable. We are ready to take your processes one step further with HRedition Self-Service/Employee Data Management , Leave Management, Performance and Talent Modules!

Why HRedition?

Your Data is Safe with Us in the Cloud: In the cloud-based HRedition, the processes and information of the companies are kept in secure data centers in Turkey with KoçSistem.

Safe Structure: HRedition has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System, 22301: 2012 Business Continuity Management System and 20000: 2011 Information Technology Service Management System certificates.

Mobile Compatible, User Friendly Interface: With its 100% mobile compatible, user friendly brand new design, it enables companies to be accessed from any device and anywhere without disrupting their human resources processes. Thanks to access from anywhere, companies that are especially field workers can continue to run their employee experience without interruption.

Easy Customization: Companies can define rules such as organization-specific organization, employee information and entitlement to leave. Thanks to our flexible infrastructure, operational cost reduction can be achieved with customizable definitions according to changing situations.

Easy Installation: HRedition can be used within 1 day with its cloud-based structure. Employee information can be kept in HRedition without using any other personal program. So you can digitize HR processes in as little as 1 day.

Modular Flexible Structure: Companies can use all modules or only by purchasing the modules they need.

Self-Service/Employee Data Management Module

Self-Service/Employee Data Management Module

Create and keep a corporate memory environment with the self-service/employee data management module where organization definitions of your company are made, employee information is kept and users can change their personal information!

The module includes the following basic features;

  • Company location, department, position and level definitions
  • Ability to keep personal and corporate information of employees
  • Employees can view and update their information
  • Creating and viewing organization chart
Leave Management Module

Leave Management Module

The Leave Management module is designed to control the leave requests of the personnel employees, where the permission processes are defined, and to track the leave status from the request phase until the leave takes place.

The module includes the following process steps;

  • Company-based leave type and the definition of entitlement
  • Request creation and follow-up in HR types defined by HR
  • Current leave balance query and follow-up
  • Display of the leave schedule of subordinates for managers
  • Retrospective reports and reconciliation
  • Current, requested, current balance reports
Performance Module

Performance Module

The Performance Evaluation module is used to create performance evaluation cards with 180/360 degree behavioral evaluation KPIs if desired, and to distribute the cards to the desired groups of employees.

Vertically, all the targets of the company are reduced to the lowest possible level in the organization, horizontally, a target is distributed in the weight appropriate to all relevant units.

The module includes the following process steps;

  • Both numerical and behavior assessment
  • Creating a performance target card template and assigning the card to the desired employee group
  • Opportunity for the employee to choose his own target from the target pool and / or assign targets to the employees by the HR team
  • Possibility to enter the actual values after the evaluation period by the employee or by the HR team
  • Target-based and period-based mutual feedback input
  • Target and performance grade reports
  • Target Card Feedbacks
Talent Management Module

Talent Management Module

HRedition Talent Management module consists of 3 parts. It includes “Nine Box Evaluation”, “Backup” and “Promotion Process” sections. Talent management is designed for the process of identifying and managing the best performing employees with high potential in line with the targets. With the Talent Module;

  • 9 Box Evaluation; It allows employees to be placed in performance and potential matrix boxes according to the rules you have previously determined, and approval of managers according to the organizational chart.
  • Backup; It ensures that critical roles are determined and reported for ready, short and medium time periods for your organization.
  • Promotion Process; It ensures that the managers in your company convey the step / position promotion to the senior management for the employee in the team and progress of the approval process.

Features coming to HRedition soon!

  • Recruitment and Onboarding Modules
  • Education Planning and Online Education Platform Developments
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