Physical Security

Integrated and flexible security solutions

Integrated physical security infrastructures with information systems are becoming mandatory for highly stable operations. With physical security solutions, companies' critical physical security needs are integrated and flexible with IT systems.

More efficient and healthy security infrastructure

The integration of physical security systems and information systems provides infrastructure for healthier and more efficient security systems. It manages physical security in line with company goals and needs.

Video Security Systems

Video Security Systems

Reliable, scalable video security systems are built to stabilize video security
infrastructures. Integrated security with open architectures supported by SDKs, as well as access control, provide end-to-end security.

Tracking Methods

Tracking Methods

Workable with wearable, mobile and IOT technologies, visitors and assets are provided in closed spaces. In this case, the personnel working alone in the critical location are monitored in case of emergency in order to follow the tour route. 

Management of critical security assets such as fire tube is ensured by
continuous provision of safety equipment.

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