Workplace is a digital workspace and intranet solution centered around enhancing the effective use of technology in the workplace. It focuses on employee collaboration, communication, innovation, mobility, and cloud computing.
With RPA - Robotic Process Automation, you can reduce your operational burdens and increase your business efficiency in your digital transformation process.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.
HRedition is a platform that digitalizes human resources processes across all sectors and sizes, making them transparent, predictable, and manageable.
With Low Code, any desired application can be easily created without the need for a software background or coding.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.

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Cloud Computing and Sustainability
Cloud Computing and Sustainability: Towards a Sustainable Future

In today's dynamic business world, organizations are taking steps to both optimize their business processes and adopt the vision of a sustainable future. At this point, cloud technologies play a critical role in achieving sustainability goals.

Beyond providing businesses with flexibility, security and scalability by providing data storage, operating systems, servers and other infrastructure, cloud computing also plays a critical role in transforming processes and increasing the efficiency of shared resources.

When we approach the issue of resource efficiency, one of the main goals of sustainability, from a technological perspective, the first thing that comes to mind is cloud technologies. It provides less physical hardware usage and more effective resource management, especially by offering many users the opportunity to share the same hardware and resources.

Cloud technologies also support sustainability in the field of data backup and business continuity. The cloud, which does not rely on physical servers as in traditional methods, allows data to be stored more securely and sustainably. This helps prevent data loss and ensure business continuity in case of disaster.

Cloud technologies also help companies reduce paper consumption by storing their files digitally. At the same time, thanks to cloud-based business processes, employees can easily access data from home or anywhere. Therefore, digitalization and cloud technologies are important steps towards an environmentally friendly future.

As a leading technology company, we are taking steps for a greener and more sustainable world by adopting these values. With the cloud technology and cloud-based applications we offer as KoçSistem, we not only provide resource efficiency, but also help institutions use space and energy more efficiently by saving physical space and prevent environmental pollution by reducing the amount of electronic waste.

Hybrid cloud solutions, which we have frequently preferred recently, allow businesses to manage their data more effectively and sustainably. This approach enables data management to be carried out more efficiently by using both public and private cloud features together according to requirements. We also support business sustainability by providing flexibility and speed to businesses by using open source and container platforms.

Thanks to cloud technologies, businesses not only increase their efficiency but also step into a sustainable future by protecting the environment. By being aware of this technological breakthrough that shapes the future, we better understand how the cloud serves the vision of sustainability.

Green intelligence is an approach where nature and technology work in harmony. As KoçSistem, we adopt this approach and combine it with cloud computing to offer digital solutions that strengthen our environmental awareness, increase energy efficiency and manage resources effectively. By achieving a perfect harmony of green intelligence and cloud technology, we are proud to offer digital solutions that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and use resources wisely. With this collaboration, we lead a cleaner and more robust digital transformation journey.