Workplace is a digital workspace and intranet solution centered around enhancing the effective use of technology in the workplace. It focuses on employee collaboration, communication, innovation, mobility, and cloud computing.
With RPA - Robotic Process Automation, you can reduce your operational burdens and increase your business efficiency in your digital transformation process.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.
HRedition is a platform that digitalizes human resources processes across all sectors and sizes, making them transparent, predictable, and manageable.
With Low Code, any desired application can be easily created without the need for a software background or coding.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.

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Digital transformation in the energy sector and future energy technologies.
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Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector

Today, there is a strong change in the energy sector with the effect of digitalization in our country and in the world. While investments in the energy sector, especially electricity, oil and gas, are increasing in our country, parallel to this, companies' requirements for digital transformation also increase KoçSistem plays an important role both in Turkey and in the world in parallel with industry trends to meet the technological needs of the energy sector in line with the needs of customers appropriate solutions and services.

Intelligent meters, network management services, cloud computing, IT / OT systems and managed services, along with sustainable and innovative solutions for the energy sector in large data and analytical fields, serve a wide range of products for the energy sector's security needs.

Successful Process Management

With our solutions for the energy sector, we will further strengthen our presence in the sector and support our customers in the energy sector to successfully complete the transformation process with our different projects in new business areas.

Turkey's petrochemical products provider Petkim , has worked with KoçSistem in Turkey's largest SAP project in SAP ERP Project during post-privatization restructuring process.

Turkey's 7 th largest Industrial Organization and Europe's 5th largest LPG company Aygaz, was assured of KoçSistem's end-to-end SAP solution for the development of business processes.

Aytemiz Gas carries out domestic and imported auto gas procurement and sales processes with its hand terminal with Aytemiz Field Automation System (ASOS) which is formed with KoçSistem support.

SAP Project
Petkim and KoçSistem signed Turkey's largest SAP project to date, integrating 22 plants with each other. While productivity was increased throughout the company, a suitable infrastructure was also prepared for future investments.