Workplace is a digital workspace and intranet solution centered around enhancing the effective use of technology in the workplace. It focuses on employee collaboration, communication, innovation, mobility, and cloud computing.
With RPA - Robotic Process Automation, you can reduce your operational burdens and increase your business efficiency in your digital transformation process.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.
HRedition is a platform that digitalizes human resources processes across all sectors and sizes, making them transparent, predictable, and manageable.
With Low Code, any desired application can be easily created without the need for a software background or coding.
Pixage is a digital publishing application that enables the centralized management of all screens and broadcasting streams from a single platform.

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Future vehicle technologies in the digitizing automotive industry.
The rise and future of digital financial services.
New trends in the durable goods sector in the age of digital transformation.
Digital transformation in the energy sector and future energy technologies.
Digitized education: Tomorrow's technologies.
Digital transformation in the public sector and citizen-centered services.
Digitalization in the retail sector and future shopping trends.
Digital health: The rise of technology in healthcare services.
Digital insurance: Innovations shaping the future of the insurance sector.
Digital transformation in the telecommunications sector and the connected world.
Digital tourism: Future travel technologies and trends.
Enterprise Performance Management: EPM
Visibility into and expedient / effectual reporting of financials are critical to sustainability in growth for enterprises.

KoçSistem’s EPM consultancy team offers integrated and easy-to-track enterprise financial modeling solutions for business needs in a changing financial environment, including but not limited to financial close & consolidation and planning / budgeting / forecasting.

EPM involves end-to-end solutions, blending financial and operational results to produce meaningful outputs that serve the crucial role of CFOs in forming corporate strategy.

KocSistem has been providing EPM consultancy services in financial transformation projects for over 15 years.

With one of the most experienced and capable teams in the field, KocSistem provides technical as well functional / process expertise, and a track record of 100% success in project delivery to numerous clients, all leaders in their respective industries. Our services entail several packaged solutions in Planning-Budgeting-Forecasting, Financial Consolidation & Close, Statutory-IFRS Transformation, and HR Expense Planning, all which result in shortened delivery timelines and lower implementation costs.

EPM Consultancy Solutions
  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting (PBF) and reporting
  • Financial consolidation and reporting (IFRS and managerial)
  • Financial close management and calendaring solutions
  • Statutory – IFRS conversion solutions
  • HR / compensation planning
  • Long-term / strategic planning
  • Zero-based budget (ZBB) solutions
  • Costing and profitability solutions
  • Tax provisioning and consolidation solutions
  • Value chain management
  • Performaance metrics calculations and management
  • Cash flow modeling and simulation
  • Data integration and automation solutions
  • Enterprise master data management (MDM) and governance process solutions

EPM Solution Packages

  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting
  • Financial consolidation and reporting
  • Statutory – IFRS conversion and reporting
  • HR / compensation planning
EPM Consultancy Services Benefits: Enterprise
  • Decrease time CFO offices spend on operational processes, increase time spent on analysis
  • Expedite financial close and control processes, reduce costs
  • Quickly analyze results of financial and operational changes in the enterprise
  • Substantial performance in calculations, agility and robustness in reporting
  • Minimize errors in Excel-based processes
  • Perform simulations and what-if analyses, ability to obtain comparative reports
  • Dashboards and cockpits for management reporting
  • Financial process management
  • Automation of financial control and audit mechanism in the enterprise
  • Ensure standard, unambiguous enterprise master data, definitions, and reporting standards
  • Ensure data integrity and assign data ownerhip in data integration processes
  • Track data end-to-end with ability to ‘drill-down’ to sources
EPM Consultancy Services Benefits: Technology
  • Develop solutions on best-in-class EPM platforms from leading vendors
  • Cost reduction by utilizing cloud platforms for solutions
  • Continuous development and evolution with Agile project methodology
  • Utilize RPA, AI, IoT, and other leading trends in the marketplace
  • Constantly evolving ‘predictive analysis’ capability
EPM Platforms Offered

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite (Hyperion)

  • Planning
  • Essbase
  • Financial Management (HFM)
  • Financial Reporting (HFR)
  • Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)
  • Financial Close Management (FCM)
  • Account Reconciliation Management (ARM)
  • Data Relationship Management (DRM)

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud

  • Planning Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
  • Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS)
  • Narrative Reporting
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Enterprise Data Management